Monday, August 27, 2007

I started a new pack of birth control today. Maybe you didn't want to know that, but let me explain. 1 pack is 4 weeks long, exactly 28 days. It struck me as I was staring at the neat little rows of round yellow pills that I would be taking the last few pills in South Carolina.

Let me walk you through the unfolding of the event which I have been simultaneously dreading and eagerly anticipating. You follow the first row, day by day, to pills 4 and 5 (thursday and friday), when Stephen and I will be camping in Aspen to see Ben Harper and Nickel Creek in concert. We planned this months ago.

Jump down to the second row and follow the little pills all the way to the end. Second to the last pill (September 8th) is my 22nd birthday. 3 months ago I insisted that we stay here AT LEAST until I had celebrated my birthday with my family. Sunday my parents are throwing a going-away party for us and my dad is frantically trying to finish a painting project he's been working on nonchalantly for a long time.

Next row. Pill number 3 is my last day at work. Pills 4-7 I'll be cleaning and packing and crying. Sunday I'm singing on the worship team for the very last time at the church I've been in since I was 10 years old.

And now, the last row. Pill number 2 is Stephen's last day. Third pill in this row is moving day. My dad and sister are going to spend pills 3-5 driving down to our new house with us and helping us get settled. By the last two pills of this pack, I'll be living in South Carolina. If we could jump to the next pack, we'd see Amy and my Dad flying back home on the second pill, and me being in transition for 26 more pills.


ThomG said...

Wildly fantastic post, R&R.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you're back, I've been missing you. :)

I love how you've explained your upcoming days in the pills you'll be taking, very cool. And I'm glad to hear that you'll get to be with all your family for your birthday, I know you'll cherish every moment of it.

On the second row of pills... the third to the last pill (the day before your birthday), we should hopefully find out what we're having. Pray that the baby will cooperate and face the u/s monitor. :)

Beth said...

Great post...I missed you too! Nickel creek in concert would be fantastic. I pray that you'll have the strength to get through on to the nest packet of little yellow pills without decking have a lot of history around you and that would be hard to leave for anyone.

Lots of love sending your way!

RachelRenae said...

Thank you all!!!!! I appreciate all you comments and support and happy vibes. :)

Melissa: please let me know when you find out!! I'm so excited for you!

Amy said...

hmmmm, tear.