Friday, August 29, 2008

6 Random Things

Melissa tagged me and that just always makes me feel so special! Here are the rules:

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1. I'm just a little bit OCD (aren't we all?). I've written about this before. One way my OCD manifests is in the consumption of colored candy. Because, unlike most people, I can't just eat a bag of skittles. I must organize the skittles as I go along. If I have a handful of colored candy, I try to pick off the superfluous candies of each color till' I have the same amount of each color. Or, I will eat them so that I end up with an ascending number of each color (1 orange, 2 red, 3 green, 4 yellow... etc). This makes it very difficult for me to enjoy candy in dark movie theatres.

2. Some people like to put on soothing music if they're trying to nap (like Enya or something). I, on the other hand, think the perfect napping music is Metallica. Nothing helps me to relax better than the Black Album. During high school my parents would sometimes find me asleep (while purportedly studying) on top of my books with thrash metal playing loudly in the background.

3. I love to bellydance.

4. My dear dear sister Amy and I have a lot of really strange expressions that are really just inside jokes but we often use them in regular conversation with other people. I wonder... do they think I just used a real word that they don't know the definition of but they're too embarrassed to ask because they want to look intelligent? Or do we just look crazy? Regardless, our favorite word is ZONINO, an expression of celebration or happiness. Best used in conjunction with some kind of wild hand gesture. Well... I feel that everything is best used with some kind of wild hand gesture.

5. I eat Kashi cereal every single morning. I bring a few servings in a zip-lock bag with me whenever we go for a weekend roadtrip, and the first thing I do whenever we visit Denver is go straight to Whole Foods and buy a box or two. I'm like an old lady who just can't handle breaking from her routine.

6. On stereo systems that have a numeric volume display, I insist on setting the volume on a multiple of 5. I usually have the volume in my car at 10, and sometimes when Stephen drives he will casually reach over and turn it up to 12 or 13. I then sit in the passenger seat slowly descending into madness until I simply cannot bear it anymore, and turn it up to 15. Ahh... that's better.

Sadly, I can't think of 6 people who read my blog regularly enough to get this, but here are my 4 tags:


Share your idiosyncrasies with us!


Melissa said...

This is really funny... I really like #4. If you did that in front of me, I'd probably smile and nod. LOL

jkr said...

Hi, Rachel! I have been reading some of your recent blogs (since you sent me the link to your blog). I do not have a blog of my own, although I think I filled out the profile page. Anyway, some of your idiosyncrasies definately sound like you got them from your mother (ha, ha).

Amy said...

I burst out laughing at number 4. I definitely do that all the time. And I also have trouble eating colored candy in movie theaters-I have to pair two complementary colors of M&M's together t be truly satisfied.

RachelRenae said...

Melissa: I think they make sense if taken in context! Thanks for tagging me. These are always fun!

Mommy: Look at you, embracing our new-fangled technology!! Yay! And I definitely get some of these things from you. Amy's list gave me that feeling too.

Amy: Stephen's family thinks it's so funny how I have to organize my food. How did we not notice the other doing this for so many years?

Amy said...

I think we didn't notice each other organizing our food so carefully for so long because to us it seems perfectly normal.

ThomG said...

I'm on it.