Wednesday, October 15, 2008

After reading about how Annalyse checks blogs compulsively, I've decided to post something tonight even though I wasn't originally planning on it.

So some of you were asking about the firefighter song.  Last week was fire prevention week at the preschool, so we talked about fires and firefighters.  We even had a visit from a firetruck, which we had been hyping up as the typical red fire engine, and turned out to be white with blue stripes.  Lame.  Quite lame.

Anyway, a little girl from the other 3 year olds class came up to me last Friday and stated, "Ms. Rachel, I know a firefighter song and you don't know it."

"Would you sing it to me, Brooke?  Please?" I asked.  She obliged.  I caught all but one line.  "I really like it.  If you sing it again, maybe I can try to sing along," I offered.  She obliged again, and I did my best to learn it and copy the hand motions.

Still, I couldn't get that one line.  I asked her to sing the first part again, and still didn't understand it.  She finally got on the tips of her toes and, hanging onto my shoulder, sang it directly into my ear.  I still have no idea what that line was... I'm pretty sure she doesn't know it either and just makes up something different every time.

I just pretended to understand her so she wouldn't feel frustrated and thanked her for teaching me the song.

"Ms. Rachel, now you know it," she said, "and you have to teach it to your mom."  Leaving it at that, Brooke danced away to play with the other kids.  I called after her that I would in fact teach it to my mom, but I don't think she heard me.  So that evening, I called my mom, and I taught it to her.  And now I feel I should teach it to you all, so you can teach it to your moms.

The Firefighter Song (to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little firefighter, mumble mumble mumble*
here is my helmet (point to head), here is my hose (pretend to hold a hose)
When I see a fire, hear me shout (cup hands around mouth)
Turn on the water and put the fire out! (pretend to spray hose)

*this is the part I kept missing.  Stephen says it should be "strong and brave", but that doesn't rhyme.  Then again, neither does the rest of it.


jkr said...

Tell Stephen that I AM NOT performing this song at Christmas!!

Melissa said...

This is sooooo cute!!! Maybe her mom taught it to her in an effort to teach her about fire safety??? I like Stephen's idea of "strong and brave," it's a good filler-inner. ;)

a.matson said...

Ahhhh....I feel so loved! I'm touched, truly and warm-fuzzily! Thank you for writing a blog to feed my need for entertainment. And let me tell you, this blog in no way disappoints!:) I love the song! I think that we should teach it to everyone at Christmas! YAY FOR THE FIREFIGHTER SONG! (So sad that the engine with white with a blue stripe instead of the original and favorite red. Bummer - totally.)

Amy said...

That's a great song! I too like the "strong and brave" line. We definitely have to song it at Christmas! Man, I miss all of you!

jkr said...

"SONG" it, Amy??

You can all sing it while I look at all the pictures Rachel's little charges have drawn for me. I feel so special!!

Amy said...

Yes, song it.