Friday, June 08, 2012

On What I'm Learning From My Child

I have a feeling I'm going to have to turn this into an ongoing series because I'm learning something new from my 16-month old daughter every day.  Today's lesson?

Sometimes, you just have to twirl.

We had gelato with my 6-year old nephew for his birthday at an outdoor shopping area, then spent some time splashing in a fountain and exploring an outdoor courtyard.  As we walked back to the car, Isabella abruptly stopped, raised her hands above her head, twirled twice, smiling all the while, and then continued walking.  She did it several times as we walked together.

It's a new thing she's been doing.  Sometimes she does it when someone says "dance."  Sometimes she does it when she hears music she likes.  She does it when she wants to express happiness (or so I guess).  Sometimes, she does it for what seems like no reason at all.  Regardless of the reason, it's always very intentional.

It's funny, twirling isn't something I ever taught Isabella how to do.  Whenever she does it, I wonder if it's something that comes ingrained in little girls.  She clearly finds it fun, and while I'm sure she enjoys our reaction (clapping, smiling, laughing, horray-ing), it's obvious that she twirls for her own enjoyment.

As I mentioned... I don't twirl.  I don't really dance, at all.  Honestly, not even for my own enjoyment when I'm all alone.  Why?

Because I'm an adult.  Mature.  Sensible.  Proud.  All the silly things I promised myself I would never become. Adults don't dance in public, just for fun.  They damn sure don't twirl.  But you know what?  Maybe they should.  And having a little girl gives me the perfect excuse to try it out.  :)