Tuesday, October 24, 2006

7 things that make me happy today

7 things that make me happy today, in no particular order:

1. Insouciant [in-soo-shunt] -adjective
(free from concern, worry, or anxiety; carefree; nonchalant); related forms -insouciantly
What a great word! Thanks to number 6 for this one.

2. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Delicious, fattening, rich, and about 3 times the size of a reese's cup, this sweet treat is my greatest foe and my greatest love. (perhaps I am being a little dramatic- my desire to lose weight is engaging in a war of epic proportions with my desire to eat chocolate.)

3. Cursive handwriting
I am have a good handwriting day (much like a good hair day). Everything I write looks like like mystical ancient script, even though it's just names of people who are visiting and notes regarding the catered lunch so-and-so is expecting.

4. Stephen
I have receievd a lot of grace from him lately, and I've just really enjoyed him a lot. We're in a kind of learning-about-each-other phase, whihc is funny because we've known each other for a fairly long time. It's amazing how much you can think you know someone and still discover new mysteries in them. I'm just so blessed.

5. Water
I've been so thirsty!!! I love water today.

6. Surviving the Extremes by Kenneth Kamler, M.D.
I'm riveted by this book today. I'm fascinated by this stuff- I very seriously tossed around the idea of climbing Everest for a number of years, but I've since given that dream up due to a) the danger of an Everest expedition, b) the unbelievable expense, and c) the touristy-ness of Everest lately- the mountain is cluttered and crowded.

7. My Lovely by Eisley
Everything about this band is so pretty. I'm in a wierd wanting-to-listen-to-mellow-music-mood.


I Hate Housework said...

We should all make lists of things that make us happy each day. Yours is a great list.
Have you ever read Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston?

RachelRenae said...

No, I haven't, though I just checked out the synopsis on amazon.com. It sounds good, if not a bit graphic. I think I'll put it on my list!