Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Happy Things

More things that make me happy today- I think I'll continue to do this, because even making the list makes me happy. It's better to pick a few good things to be thankful for than constantly dwell on and complain about the negative things.

1. Snow (We're supposed to get 10 inches!)
2. Hot chocolate (It is best when inbibed under the conditions mentioned above)
3. Kelli is coming to visit (Stephen's sister who I've not yet met and her brand new baby boy!)
4. Calvin and Hobbes math comic strip (My favorite one EVER, EVER. Thank you Kara!!!!!!!)
5. My little sister, Amy (I am consistantly amazed by her maturity, sweetness, humor, compassion, and radical devotion for God.)
6. The janitor guy that takes care of the plaza at 17th and California (He has a unibrow, so in my head I refer to him as such. I've never talked to him, but we have a connection. My train stops right at that intersection so I walk past him most mornings while he's setting up the tables and chairs. I always wave and smile and say good morning, and he always greets me in return, though I'm not sure he speaks much English. I think very few people notice him, but he's a highlight of every morning for me.)

In the spirit of #4, I give you another of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. I have this taped to my desk by my computer.


Calvinistix said...

Wow, I had no idea I was about to make your day. I had my choice of dozens of C+H strips to choose from, and I just fell in love with that one. I'm sort of hoping I can draw some fan art. I'm looking into the legal issues with that. The artist of the strip cancelled it some time ago and has lived a very quiet life since then. He might not care if I paid him tribute, or he might be extremely offended. But from surfing the Net, I find that the majority of fans seem to think they now own Calvin and Hobbes. I might be worrying about nothing and missing out on something that's really fun.

suzanne said...

I'm with you on the hot chocolate and snow, but alas, it never snows here :(

RachelRenae said...

Regarding fanart: I know Bill Watterson has always staunchly refused to merchandise his characters. The stupid car stickers and all the merchandizing stuff you see is unauthorized, with the exception of his "best of" books. I'm sure, since you're not a large corporation or anything, you could get away with some fanart, but it would still be copyright infringement (albeit a small infringement).