Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas, Razors, and Raccoons

I really enjoy the Christmas season. I love the lights downtown, and houses lit up (tastefully), and shopping for people I love. I love the holidays, but by the time Christmas actually comes around, I'm tired of the hype of the whole affair. The commercials, the sales, the stupid holiday songs you hear in the mall and at restaurants and at the grocery store and EVERYWHERE YOU GO! I dread my weekly trips to King Soopers for mortal fear of suffering through one tacky version or another of "Santa Baby".

Here's a marketing scheme that doesn't make sense: I'm beginning to see the men's razor christmas commercials. It happens every year, around the same time. "What your man wants for Christmas is a Mach7" (is 6 blades really enough? get the closest shave this season with this new ridiculous product!), "Make this holiday special for your special man by giving him a braun whatever whatever". What is that?!? Men (at least all of mine) don't want RAZORS for Christmas!! I would be deeply disappointed if I got a venus vibrance in my stocking. Giving someone a razor for Christmas is on par with giving out toothbrushes on halloween.

While I was looking for the toothbrush picture, I found a website called "higgin's journal: the life and times of a young raccoon". Sounds promising, yes? I was rewarded with several cute pictures:

AHHH! Look at his little face peeking out of the trash can! Dirty, adorable little Higgins! What a rascal. I want one. :)


CwazyLawa said...

Ha ha! That's hilarious and SO true! Finally I know what to get my husband!!