Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wedding Pictures!

Ok, here's the deal. The professional photos we got for our wedding and reception are posted on a personal page on our photographers website. I could post that link here, but I feel funny about making my very intimate wedding day images public to any and all freaks and creeps who may stumble onto my blog. But I want to share them, so if you want to see the pictures, just shoot me an email and if I know who you are I'll reply back with the link. Easy!

In case the link doesn't work: rachelrenae123@gmail.com


Beth said...

Hi I know I'm the biggest criminal for pestering you about the wedding photos I'll send my e-mail soon once I work out how to do the linky thing (if not I'll post it on here and wait to see what strange people check out your blog by the response!) But otherwise completely understandable decision....I put photos of the kids on mine lately for the family to see as we all live far way then I wasn't sure if I should have....its a weird arena!

Melissa said...

Totally understandable, which is why I don't post person pictures. I don't know if I count as someone you "know," but I'll e-mail you and you don't have to send me the link if you don't feel comfortable and my feelings won't be hurt- promise!

RachelRenae said...

oh my gosh. Of course I'll send you the link!