Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What would YOU do?

So, inspired by a comment from thom, I am issuing a challenge to my alleged "legions" of readers to make their own lists like the one I posted yesterday. It was a really interesting thing to think about- I found that many of the items that were even a little serious were in the interest of my loved ones more than of myself. However, I was asked to narrow down the amount of money won/found, which is hard for me to do (hence the "few million dollars" referenced in the aforementioned post), and to specify the number of items to be on this list.

What 10 things would you buy/do if you won the jackpot for 2 million dollars?

What if you had as much money as Oprah?


Thom G. said...

I have accepted your challenge. And I have posted.

Melissa said...

Challenge accepted. :)

Kelly said...

hi Rachel renee. thanks for your comment! Yes, I do love Jesus Freaks. It is very inspiring and frightening at the same time. I like your post about the million dollars. hmmm. Alot could be done with that. Thanks for stopping by!

Beth said...

Hi Rachel, very strangely I came across your site when posting a comment on Kelly's site I noticed you had too! (I think I've taken lurking to a whole new level) Like the challenge you've put out! God bless and will say Hi again sometime from Wales!