Thursday, February 08, 2007

We saved a bunch of money (by switching to Geiko?) by making our own invitations. It sounded so easy: buy paper. Type out text for invitations, directions, etc. Print. Cut. Put in envelopes. Mail. Get married.

Not quite so simple as all that, as it turns out (and neither will marriage be, I think). As my job endows me with obscene amounts of free time, I elected to complete our invitations at work. Around the 15th completed invitation, I had it down to a science. For a while, it was really fun. Around the 45th invitation, I was tired of it. Around the 60th one I felt like screaming. 96 invitations later, I'm finally done. If I ever have to lick another envelope or tie another ribbon I'm going to kill myself.

I think that they turned out really cute and that, if I may say so, I happen to be a creative genius. Not a profound creative genius so much as an artsy crafty genius, but even so. Here are some pictures (I don't have a digital camera, please bear with my phone pictures till Stephen and I buy one).

The little charms on the ribbon say "to love and to cherish".

We chose sand-colored ribbons to go with the sand-theme my cousin suggested (Stephen proposed on the beach). We'll have centerpieces with sand and (maybe) shells at the reception.


Kelly said...

art in any form is a cool thing. They look beautiful!

Melissa said...

You did a great job on these, Rachel! Yes, some may throw them out, but some may also take notes for their own invites- even better! :) I remember when I made mine and my helper was the last person I expected, at last for my invites- my dad! He was in charged of making boxed knots with the ribbons... he was so cute!

RachelRenae said...

Thanks, ladies!!

Stephen made a few but they weren't very pretty. :)