Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Valentines Day, Apparently!

Stephen called me today at work and said "Happy Valentines Day!".

Huh? Valen-whats it now?? Day? Today? OH!! That. I had forgotten.

This is just not a big deal to me. Sure I'd like some flowers or chocolate or chocolate flowers, but wouldn't I every day? (answer: yes) Even after I figured out that today is V-day, I was monumentally confused by the special Google logo of the day and didn't figure it out till' just now.

I'll probably forget again in a little while, and when someone in the office says something like "got a hot date tonight?" with a wink and a grin, I'll end up pondering this bizarre query for a good 5 minutes before I remember again that today is a holiday.

I know not everyone has someone to celebrate with and this is a crappy day for some people, and that a lot of people love Valentines, and a few don't care either way, like me... so to all of you-
Happy Valentines Day!!
Go do something that makes you happy today.

Also, Stephen passed on my TMS post to his coworker Jennifer, and she's under the impression that I'm funny and is reading my blog now (much to my bewilderment and appreciation). So, hi Jennifer, and everyone who got my blog from her! Thanks for reading!!! (This is so weird for me. I've never considered myself funny. Maybe this is like the tall thing?)


Urpy said...

I guess I'll chime in now because you said something and I feel the need to agree. You really are funny. Let me recap how I came across your blog. Thom works with my husband, Rob, and you made a comment about Guster on his blog. Not many people outside our family read his blog so I was curious who you were. I clicked on your blog and immediately became engrossed, mostly because of one word: craptacular. Now that's my kind of funny. In fact, I immediately called my husband at work and told him about my new find.

I think if we knew each other, we'd be friends. (That's a compliment because I think most girls are stupid.) But since we don't, I'm just going to read your blog and laugh and laugh.

Beth said... always make me laugh! Ok I have to own up to being abit like Stephen's mum. I'm nearly exactly five foot which makes me short....and my hubby gets great pleasure (he's 6ft) in singing that song "Short people have no reason to live with their tiny little hands, tiny little feet etc etc etc" (It was in Ally Macbeal) However I am handy for the following.....leaning on, proping your pint of guiness against, crawing into small places to retrieve lost coins.....all have been used at various times by mates!

What can I say? If I ever meet you I'll wear 3in heels you wear flats it'll be fine!

Melissa said...

Hey Rachel!

Hope y'all had a great Valentine's Day.

You do have a gift for writing... and writing with wit! Thanks for all the laughs. :)

RachelRenae said...

Thanks ya'll!!