Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The train was delayed last night because of a traffic accident on the tracks. Since we sat at the station for 10 minutes waiting for the chance to go, more and more people kept getting on. It was packed to capacity before we left the first station. I didn't get to sit, but I actually prefer standing since I sit at this stupid computer all day (plus, balancing on a moving train is like a low-impact full body workout). I was only about 15 minutes late getting home- it was inconvenient and unenjoyable, but on the whole not that big a deal.

A woman across from me spent the 45 minute ride complaining loudly about how this is "inexcusable" and "ridiculous" and telling the other passengers that she's going to have to complain to RTD again. She said she files an average of 2 complaints a weeks (Lady needed to loosen up). Rather than let Miss Stick-Up-Her-Butt and her terrible attitude get to me, or freak out because I couldn't move my arms without bumping someone, I got out my ipod and jammed the whole way home. Thus, I bring you my stuck on the train again playlist.

1. John Mayer- Waiting on the World to Change
2. John Mayer- I Don't Trust Myself
3. John Mayer- Vultures
4. John Mayer- In Repair
5. Snow Patrol- Ways & Means
6. Snow Patrol- Shut Your Eyes
7. Matisyahu- Beat Box
8. G. Love- Can't Go Back to Jersey
9. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers- Moanin'
10. Lee Morgan- The Sidewinder
11. The Commodores- Brick House
12. Outkast- So Fresh, So Clean

I got off the train and danced all the way to my car- I looked crazy, but I just needed to move. I highly recommend dancing in public.


ThomG said...

I compliment you on your list. And dancing to the car. That's right on.