Wednesday, February 28, 2007

new gear

Ed note: Blogger is fricking ridiculous and won't let me format this post the way i want to and I sick of messing with it.. just imagine that it has the proper spacing and the captions correspond to the pictures the right way. Stupid F-ing blogger, I hate you.

I love to match. I love pairs and sets that go together, colors that coordinate, etc. It's just how my brain works... I feel off somehow when I don't coordinate. All season I've been feeling off. The stuff I wear when I snowboard doesn't go together at all, but I've just been using what's available to me:

* Stephen's old board by...somebody? (white, with this weird hellish red-orange-yellow-black volcano thing happening, with silver and bright blue bindings)

* New boots that happen to be 3 sizes too big for me but we didn't know it by Burton (dark blue, black, and green)

* Light winter coat by Burton (Beige and Pink)

* Snow pants By Ronin (I use Stephen's gray pair or my white and yellow pair, it has a big "R" on the back right hip)

* Mittens by Columbia (black, huge, and useless for doing anything with my fingers)

* Helmet also by Somebody (silver)

It doesn't work. I feel completely awkward. None of it fits perfectly except Stephen's pants (go figure), and half of it is men's clothing/equipment. I know it's not the most important thing, but I want to look cute when we go snowboarding! Is that so much to ask?

Anyway, I'd been complaining about my boots. They felt like they might slip off every time I made a turn (which is BAD), so we were buying me new boots. While we were there, we saw a snowboard for Amy (that's our Christmas present to her- I'm such a good sister!)... and then Stephen had a(nother) brilliant idea. Since we're selling the boots online (we can't find the receipt...), we may as well sell the old board. So...

I got a new board!!!

And last weekend, I got a new jacket. That matches. So now, I feel fabulous in my:

* Ride Women's Jacket in turquoise (it's fitted and cute and has a zillion little pockets aand has a silver embroidered R on the back... we all know how I love the letter R. Can't find a picture.)

* Vans Encore Women's boots (below, in MY SIZE)

* Palmer Touch Women's board (below, which the bindings match perfectly- this is one of the very best companies to buy a board from. Remember how I wanted a Liberty? This is a similar model.)

* Same pants, helmet, mittens (next on my shopping list: gloves that fit)

It all matches. I feel cute. And in boots that fit, and a fantastic new board, I am a lot better than I thought I was. I'll be dusting Stephen in no time. He'll be so embarrassed. (Read: Hopefully in a few years I'll at least be able to keep up with him. He'll be so proud.) I know I've only been doing this for one season, but I've fallen in love with the sport. I'm very passionate about it.

Vans Encore Women's Boots

Palmer Touch Women's Board
(I think I should name it. Something 50's cute like Betty. Or something that starts with a P. Any suggestions?)


ThomG said...

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