Monday, March 19, 2007

Highlights from the weekend

Someone said something about a hangover? Sorry to disappoint, but I don't have a funny story about snowboarding hungover. I felt great on Saturday (due to the fact that I'm mostly German, I'm told). In fact, it was the best day I've had all season. At 55 degrees, we didn't need wool or layers or coats. I'm not saying it was bikini weather at Keystone this weekend, but it was gorgeous.

On the sunnier side of the mountain the snow had a wonderful quality... stick with me, you who do not cook: it was like gliding through that delicious mixture of melted butter and granulated sugar that is so necessary for good cookies. On the other side of the mountain, it was like cutting through soft frosting.

Stephen and I, being the wild young party animals that we are, spent the remainder of Saturday celebrating St. Patrick's Day by cleaning, doing the dishes, grocery shopping, bathing Moses, and folding laundry.

An added bonus to the evening- the dryer at Stephen's place is broken because it is at least a half century old and of late has been making an increasingly violent and alarming noise when in use. Conveniently we discovered this after I ran a full load of clothes and linens in the washing machine. (These are presumably still in the washing machine, undried, as it were. Crapalicious.)

Sunday found us at our very last premarital counseling session discussing conflict, sex, and finances. For those of you counting, we're 19 days away from the big day. People keep asking me if I'm excited (That's a stupid question, isn't it?), but for the first time in 5 months of being engaged I'm actually nervous. Getting married is a marvelous, psychotic thing.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a really great weekend! BTW... have you heard of the book "Sheet Music" by Dr.Kevin Leman? It's about sex in a godly marriage. Let me tell ya, it is not what you'd expect! Very good, although I was almost too disturbed to read it since my BROTHER gave this book to me before I got married.

ThomG said...

Fantastic weekends all around. And 19 days and counting - you should be excited (and check your gmail, by the way).

ThomG said...

By the way, I have a fabulous story about trying to shoot a wild pig on Sunday with a REAL hangover. But, that is for another time.

RachelRenae said...

Melissa: How funny! No, I've never heard of it. I glanced at it on Amazon and it looks interesting, though right now I doubt we'll need much help!

Thomg: Thank you! (I am excited!)