Monday, March 12, 2007

A guy on the train this morning wouldn't quit staring at me. I guess he thought I was cute. Every time I looked up from my book he would be looking at me, sometimes giving me a sheepish smile. It wasn't so much creepy as it was annoying. It makes it hard to read when dude across the aisle is glancing in my direction every 23 seconds. I almost feel sort of bad for him- he was probably a nice guy that was too shy to start a conversation with a pretty girl. Meanwhile I was trying to make my ring conspicuous.

We both got off at the same stop (convenient) and when we stood up he said quietly, "Have a nice day." I said, "You too" and smiled at him but what I almost said was "I'm at least 4 inches taller than you, pygmy man."

I'm so mature.


ThomG said...

At least you didn't open up a can of "Whoop-ass" on him. That would have been, uh, bad.

Melissa said...

That's awesome! There's a waiter that does that to me at this restaurant my husband and I frequent. I keep thinking to myself, "Um, don't you see I have a HUSBAND?!?"