Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How many days till' Spring?

I think my body requires an exorbitant amount of Vitamin D, because nothing impaires my normal functions and makes me miserable like sitting in a windowless, artificially lit office all day, and nothing makes me happy like some good ol' fashioned sunshine.

I sit at the core of the building, by the elevator bank, so I can't see outside during the day. I don't get to leave my desk much, and even then it's just to run to the bathroom or fill my water bottle. I get depressed during the winter, but I've never been more depressed than I have been THIS winter, sitting in this bland lobby in front of this eye-numbing computer. It's hard to find any place sunny downtown during my lunch break this time of year. Our downtown streets, instead of running E-W and N-S, are set diagonally, and the main corridor of downtown (where I work) is just tall building after tall building, casting long shadows over every nice open plaza and courtyard place by the time I'm out for lunch. Downtown Denver feels colder and darker than the rest of the city in the morning and late afternoon, the other two times I'm actually outside. The rare places where the shadows don't fall are often either very crowded or are patrolled by rent-a-cops who don't want squatters or homeless people (including me, apparently) just sitting around enjoying the sun.

I finally found a place today where I think I can sit outside undisturbed, in the sun, on warm marble. If I don't get that hour of solitude, I'm a mess. All the crap I have to deal with during the rest of the day (34 high powered Shell executives, anyone?) doesn't get to me if I've had my daily hit of D.

Thank the Lord for this amazing weather we're having. I'm going to go home to my dog and get some more sun.


Kelly said...

I hear you. Winter can be over bearing, overwhelming and overextended. I do love the snow and the playing outdoors with the kids until frozen, then the hot chocolate...but it is so overcast here during the winter. It looks like The Wizard of Oz before Dorothy hits Munchkinland. All gray and drab. Soon we will be in Oz. Bring on the colour.

Lisa said...

I completely agree...I'm counting the days down to fact, when I found your blog, I was looking up the question :how many days until Spring." I haven't even blogged since Nov.

Anonymous said...

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