Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She Wants To Move

Great Goodness. I'm not meant to sit at a desk for 9 hours a day. I don't think anyone is meant to, but there are those of you who can handle it. I am NOT one of those. I get cabin fever sitting in front of this computer all day long. There's only so long I can play sudoku and check the news before I start to lose it.

Then I get home but somehow doing nothing all day makes you feel exhausted so I never feel like doing anything.

I bought new tennis shoes a few months ago. "I like your shoes", said my friend John. "Thanks, they're trail running shoes" I replied. "Oh, do you trail run?" He said excitedly. HA! I say all the time that I'd rather die than run a mile. It turns out that John wants to start trail running this summer, and I made a deal with him that I would, too. Maybe trail running would be more interesting than running in the city? (Stephen warned me that this would come back to bite me in the butt).

Well, now I've decided that I will start getting up early to go for a run in the mornings (read: drag myself out of warm, comfy bed to walk mostly and work up to running eventually). I just can't bear this endless stillness. Sometimes I dance to the light rail station. If you happen to see some crazy freak girl dancing down 17th street, say hi to me, or maybe give me a dollar.