Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Nice Awards

Welcome to the first whenever-I-feel-like-it Nice Awards! We here at Raging, Ranting, etc. always appreciate a reason to quit complaining for a second. Today we'd like to commend a few very special people who excelled recently in the categories of Being Kind To Rachel, Accommodating Rachel, and Complimenting Rachel.

Being Kind to Rachel
Congratulations, Lady in Line Ahead of Me at Whole Foods last night! You saw that I had a 3 sushi rolls and some ginger, compared to your entire cart full of locally grown and organically produced groceries. It totally made my night when you let me go ahead of you in line. I present you with a Nice Award!

Accommodating Rachel
Congratulations, Parking Lot Attendant! I know the sign says "No in and Out", but seeing as how I just paid you 12 dollars for the whole day, I really didn't want to pay another 12 just because I'm leaving for the doctor. You know, I usually take the light rail, the whole reason I drove today was so I could go to the doctor, and I'll be back in 2 hours, I promise!! You were very understanding and you saved me 12 bucks. I present you with a Nice Award!

Honorable Mention: Seth, the mail room guy. Since I went to the doctor this morning, I didn't get to take a lunch, making for a really long afternoon. Seth let me take a break in the afternoon and I bought a Starbucks.

Complimenting Rachel
Congratulations, Gaylene! You complimented my hairstyle/color in the bathroom today, which made me feel really good, especially since I did the color myself. (little known fact: I've got a cosmetology license and used to do hair and waxing.) Also, I feel a little funny when I wear my hair straight and you reassured me that it doesn't look totally unRachelish. I present you with a nice award!

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to catch the next nice awards whenever someone else is really nice to me.


Anonymous said...

First time I read your sight. The first thing I read-"nice awards." I felt good just hearing that there are caring people still left out there. Thanks for the nice "morning before work stress" pick-me-up.

ThomG said...

Hope this person doesn't stumble on Surface Tension. OK, I'm nice; I'm just mean and truthful about it.

RachelRenae said...

Haha, "I'm nice, but mean, also." Thom, I think in most people 'nice' and 'mean' would be contradictory personality traits... For you, it makes sense somehow. :)