Friday, March 09, 2007

Again with the car.

I had a scare on my way home last night. I've been driving instead of taking the train all week because Stephen's out of town and I'm staying at his place to take care of our dog. The train takes me half an hour longer and by the time I'm home, the daylight is gone. No time to play at the park! Last night at the junction of two highways a guy in a huge Chevy cut across 5 lanes of rush-hour traffic so he could make the exit I was taking. Of course, he had to get behind me.

When people are tailgating me, I tap my brakes, and they back off or change lanes. Previously this was done in my behemoth of a car. I will never do this again, certainly not in the veritable shrimp of a vehicle I am now driving (don't misread me- I love the shrimp!!). When I break-checked the guy, he backed up to a respectable distance... then floored it and charged right up to my bumper. I really thought he was going to slam into me. From that point on until we ended up turning different directions, he drove so close behind me that I couldn't see any sunlight through my rear window. All I could see was the hood of this guy's enormous truck and the Chevy logo in the center of his grill. I couldn't even see his face. I never got to see his license plate number. He was driving literally inches from my back bumper. On top of that, I've never driven a car this small- my perspective is way different so low to the ground, and I think that made it scarier.

It was stupid for me to provoke him like that- I should have known he was a manic, he almost caused a pileup when he swerved across the highway to the exit ramp. I yelled a lot of things I don't want to repeat and flipped him off numerous times, but the second I walked in the door of the apartment I broke down and cried on the floor. Meanwhile Moses was trying desperately to figure out what was wrong with me, walking in circles around me, nosing and pawing at me and trying to lick my face- actually, it was Mo that made me feel better. He finally laid down alongside me and submitted to being hugged and cried on for a few minutes. I love my dog.


ThomG said...

Pets are so cool like that. I walk in from a bad day and Trin and Scully just know how to cheer me up. Even the cats treat me nice. Hooray for pets.